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Shay is a certified Love Transformer™ who helps successful singles destroy chronic single-itis with a proven scientific technique that helps to fast track their journey to love.

Have you ever felt stuck in the pains and hurts of the past? Can’t seem to get your heart to let go of the person in your life who continues to break your heart over and over again? Do you sabotage relationships, always finding something wrong with the other person or preventing yourself from getting too close to someone, even in friendship? Do you replay the traumatic events you've endured as a child or do they keep resurfacing no matter how hard you try to keep them at bay?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Shay says this course is for you! Don’t just put a bandaid on your life. Heal it! You can have the love you have always dreamed of. The quest for true love starts from within and the first step is self-healing. You are not alone nor will you accomplish this journey alone.

Join Shay in this journey towards lifelong self-healing that will open you up to the life and love of your dreams! Get guidance and resolve the traumas you've experienced, whether they were from childhood experiences, past or current dating relationships, loss, or all of the above. 

You matter so much and your healing journey alongside Shay will ensure that you truly BELIEVE that.  
Ever wonder why some people are so comfortable "in their own skin"? Ever feel like you have to play a role just to belong or be accepted? 

Do you tell yourself and others that you enjoy being single? Or do you long so much to be in a relationship that you continue to choose the wrong person every time and stay much longer than you know you should? 

Would you like to learn how to be your TRUE, AUTHENTIC SELF with no shame and no hesitation? Are you ready to discover who you REALLY are?    

Get to know the real you and learn how to love her all the while attaining a stronger you, a more confident you, a better you!

Discover your hidden talents and achieve your highest level of self-love so that you will attract your greatest desires in love, in life, in work, and in play. Take this Cup of Being Journey! Living your best life is only moments away!  

Shay can't wait to meet you!
Shay has successfully harnessed the power of manifestation using the Law of Attraction, Neurolinguistic Programming, and a few other hidden treasures that she will personally share with you.  Not only that, as you partner with Shay, she will tailor design this exclusive course based on your individual needs.  You're that important to her!

Shay will pour into you the words you need to say to yourself and the emotions you need to evoke in order to get all that you are seeking!  Find out the phrases to remove from your vocabulary that have kept you from the success you deserve.  Prepare yourself for an awesome manifesting journey that will transform you down to your very core!  

Access these tools as often as you like with your exclusive lifetime benefits.  Gain the confidence necessary to maintain the life you've never allowed yourself to even imagine!

Receive the support and training you need for your new life, your new journey, your best adventure ever!

Join Shay now so you can manifest like a boss! 
If you’re ready to fill your calendar with high-quality dates from high-quality men, this is where you learn how.

You will have direct access to Shay and her strategies that will have the men you encounter begging for more dates with you.  You will have to turn some men down as your weekends get booked far in advance!  

Let go of your past experiences, those blind dates, those never-shoulda-got-out-of-bed-for-this tragedies and move forward in this Cup of Dating Journey to the success you've always craved. Turn heads as you attract all that Shay will personally teach you to exude.  No matter your age, your size, your socioeconomic standing, your ethnicity, these proven methods will have you wishing you'd learned about them long ago. 

Learn Shay's secrets to keep a man interested in you while you determine which of the men you are seeing is right for you.  Learn if and when you should share certain things about yourself and when to "let go" so that the right man will continue to pursue you heart and soul.

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Have you ever begun dating and felt like all the stars were aligned, felt perfect chemistry and enjoyed the many commonalities you shared with a man only for the relationship to end abruptly with no clear explanation?  Did you worry that something you did or said was the reason you were left holding outstretched arms with a heart he no longer seemed to treasure?  Did you wonder if you chased him away?  Did you seek after him to "gain closure" for yourself? Replay all your fond memories questioning what you could have done better or differently?  

There's so much more involved than simply getting the man.  This Cup of Relationship journey will help you to keep him, too!

Once you've learned how to heal from your past wounds and traumas using Shay's tailor-made techniques and discovered the joy in becoming your most vibrant and authentic self, you will soon be able to master the power of manifesting the love you've always wanted which leads you into your dating journey.  This is not the end-all, be-all, though.  Yes, ladies, there's much much more!

Shay will go even deeper with you in this journey.  She will give you tools beyond just intellectually understanding a man.  You will become an expert at understanding the 5 Stages of Relationship and how to be prepared for each of those stages.  With her support and vast knowledge, you will handle each turn and phase like an absolute pro!  Shay wants to ensure that your dating-to-longterm-relationship goal leads to you Securing the Ring!  

Shay can already envision your testimonial video!!   
Are you sick and tired of being played? Have you been hurt again and want the pain to stop? Have you found it complicated to date or even simply meet men with a child/children at home?  Do you know when the best time is to even tell that man that you are a mom or when you should broach the subject of him meeting your child(ren)? The answers may surprise you!

Shay has been there and she wants to give you the advice you're craving, the advice you desperately need!  She knows it doesn't matter how many kids you have from a previous relationship.  She will teach you how to have the right man know he is helpless without you.  He will jump over every hurdle and pass every test just to be yours and for you to be forever his!  

Don't enter the dating battlefield unarmored when Shay's expert advice and personal support is just a click away!  Learn the secrets of capturing a man’s heart and maintaining the upper hand throughout the dating relationship. Love is waiting for you - click on "Learn More" NOW!
Shay has learned there are multiple benefits to meditation.  One of the lesser known benefits are healing deep emotional wounds and attracting loving relationships.  This is where she steps in!

You see, on top of gaining peace of mind, Shay will teach you how to use the vibrations of your heart and mind like a magnet to bring the right person into your life. The person with whom your vibrations resonate strongly are the ones most likely to have full compatibility with you.
This little known method is an advanced application of the Law of Attraction.
If you are serious about finding the one person you want to share the rest of your life with, this collection is for you.
Shay's Positive Mind Meditations will effortlessly rewire your negative thought patterns and brain waves through meditation to heal your inner wounds, become receptive to love, and open yourself to potential relationships. 

Shay welcomes you to become part of her exclusive tribe of empowered and meditative women in this Cup of Meditation Course.  
           IN 60 MINUTES
Ever wonder why you're still hung up on your ex?  Even after he has moved on and maybe you've moved on, too?  Having trouble sleeping, thinking, just being without him by your side, even if you're with someone new?  

You're not alone. Help is on the way!

This system will help you get over your ex or get him back and stop the aching in your heart from the loss of losing him. You no longer have to settle. You are AMAZING just the way you are! 

Take this important journey with Shay walking beside you, guiding you to both healing and newfound love.  Not only will you attract a deeper, healthier love, you will also have that deep and healthy love for yourself!  

Get over your ex while becoming unforgettable to all those you encounter!
It’s not easy being a teenager. Between the lack of experience in dating and hormones going wild, many relationships end up in heartbreak and shattered self-esteem.
Making mistakes is part of growing up, but with proper guidance you can keep disappointments to a minimum.

Shay was a teenager just like you, so she knows what you’re going through. And let me tell you there’s a lot you need to learn about boys and dating! If you have been burned before by a relationship where you were treated poorly or even cheated on, you mustn't let it happen to you again.
By investing in this course, you will learn how to successfully navigate the thrills and dangers of young infatuation and avoid problems like depression, or worse, unwanted pregnancies.  

Let Shay hold your hand, and guide you with love and passion as if you were her very own daughter, as she walks you through these tried-and-true methods that will serve you for the rest of your life.  

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Are You Tired of Playing Mind Games and Getting Stuck in the Friend Zone?  Sick of giving so much and receiving nothing in return? Do you struggle to understand what it is that creates genuine desire in women?

It’s no secret that nice guys have it tough with women. But they don’t deserve to be played!  If you have been dubbed a “nice guy” before and you feel frustrated by the break ups you had to endure, this system was made EXCLUSIVELY for you. While the “douchebags” do exude some qualities that women find attractive, you don’t have to simulate a person that is not who you are to succeed at dating.
Yes, you can be a confident, fun, and attractive man without playing the douchebag role (which women will see through anyways).
If women still elude you... If you are in search of THE ONE... you’re about to get the answers you seek straight from a woman’s mind.  
As a woman, Shay knows what sparks desire in a woman’s heart as well as the many mistakes that men make along the way. She dated many men and interviewed even more until she went on to marry the one whom she loves with a burning passion.  
Once she teaches you how male-female relationship work and what specific changes you need to implement in your dating life, you will be able to attract any woman you set your eyes on and achieve happy, long lasting relationships.  Shay really wants to help you find that TRUE connection with a woman who will be the love of your life.. 

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