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How one single woman went on over 100 dates in 3 months to discover the hidden secrets of dating...
Find Love Without Ever Having To  Date Online Again! 

Next class starts March 4th 2020!

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Are you tired of being single? Afraid you're going to end up alone? 
The Dating Game As We Know It, Is Broken....
Sick and tired of being single? Afraid you're going to end up alone? Always the bridesmaid but never the bride as you stand there and suffer watching the happy couples escape to travel the world, build their families, and create memories that you never could with your just your girlfriends...

If you are like I was, then you probably want to be held in the arms of a great man who is your best friend who accepts you just as you are. You are probably tired of the dating game and the sickos that creep into your inbox on online dating sites. Like I once felt, you most likely want to find  someone to share your life with so bad that it hurts but you just keep attracting the wrong guy or never seem to have anyone ask you out.

If only you knew what you didn't know... the untold truths to human behavior that causes a man to select one woman to love and cherish over another... the facts to human attraction that reveal how most things women do instinctively when dating can turn a man off... and the techniques of a top seductress, who is able to command the attention and affections of ANY man she chooses WITHOUT having sex!  If you knew these things that I'm prepared to teach you, you would be empowered to increase your dating options so that you can have the best, high-level men to choose from!

You have probably read a ton of relationship books, listened to a ton of cute catch phrases by popular "dating experts" and may have sat in on a relationship seminar or two, only to still remain single. 

Let me put your mind at ease and give you an ABSOLUTE fact...

The reason everything you have done before to secure love has NOT worked has NOTHING to do with your looks, size, the number of children you have or any other insecurity that plagues you.

None of those books, friends' advice, seminars, YouTube advice videos or catchy relationship "should do's" have worked because they all miss the key element necessary in order to significantly increase your Attraction Factor!
Until I discovered the strategies to the art of manifesting love, the rules of dating and how to recognize the wrong guys, I ran into challenges, heartbreak and loneliness....
What are the consequences to doing nothing to change your relationship status...?
The clock keeps ticking away & everything you've tried continues NOT to work...
Many single professional women find themselves looking around after years of working hard for their degrees and to be successful within their careers, only to end up wishing they would have pursued love sooner.

Research shows that singles live shorter lives, make less money, are more dissatisfied with their lives and have more health challenges.

I was once where you are. Completely clueless to the dating game and how to attract a loving relationship. I was very single in a major city where my chances of finding love seemed to be slim to none.  I experienced every dating challenge you could imagine: being cheated on, ghosted (when a guy disappears on you), lied to, abused and marrying a married man!  Yes, you read that right!  I unknowingly had a $50,000 dollar wedding with a bigamist who had a wife in another city! This NIGHTMARE is something that can and does happen to educated women everyday- meeting, dating and sometimes, marrying unfaithful married men.  My ex lied about being divorced and I did not find out until 3 months after the wedding.  I'd left my job, my home and business for this marriage, only for it not to be real and to wind up homeless!  
I never want another woman to go through what I went through. I had no road map to finding love or a clue about how to date.  I just kept bumping around the dating game until I got sick and tired of being sick and tired AND clueless...

I was determined to learn what I did not know.  I was determined to find love and have a loving family that traveled the world together and wore matching pajamas on Christmas Eve!

So I launched a dating experiment of going on over 100 dates in 3 months (No sex or kissing), spent hundreds of hours reading relationship advice and human behavior books and interviewed thousands of men, women, and couples.

What I discovered about the psychology of men...the dating game and how to play it and how to manifest true love out of thin air, made me powerful!

Unique Ninja Dating Techniques That Work!
 The knowledge I discovered allowed me to be able to capture the heart of ANY guy in less than 30 days with unique ninja dating techniques that made me irresistible and marriage material. I had very wealthy men offering to buy me cars, homes, clothes, exotic trips and anything I wanted, all 
WITHOUT requiring sex!  .
All of this knowledge helped me to attract, out of thin air, my husband- who also happened to be my high school sweetheart that I had not seen in seven years! He is my best friend, my lover and business partner. We travel the world together and live a life of my wildest dreams... all because I took action and implemented the recipe to attracting love!

After getting married and spending a few years in hiatus, enjoying my beautiful family and traveling, I decided that it would be selfish to keep all of these secrets to myself. I had to share them with other women so that good women would stop getting played and finally manifest the love they 
pray for daily. 
It is my mission to help 1 million women attract love and get married by 2030.  

Will you be one of these lucky women?
Shay Levister
My name is Shay "Your Love Diva" Levister.  I am a certified Love Transformer™ who helps successful singles destroy chronic single-itis with a proven scientific technique that helps to fast track their journey to love. I have created a program for ladies like you to help them stop the pattern of choosing the same guy with a different face and find the true, lasting love they deserve.

I am a certified dating and relationship coach, author and speaker. I have appeared on multiple TV and radio shows and am currently appearing in several Fatal Attraction TVOne episodes.  I am trained in NLP and graduated with a BS in pre-med biology.

If you’ve ever felt like you were driving at top speed in the dark while dating, you will experience the guidance and peace of mind I offer as I guide you around the pitfalls you want to avoid in the dating world.

I will provide you with the direction, training, accountability, and support that you need to achieve the results you desire. No more running in circles all alone.
Imagine being in the arms of your soulmate as you overlook the city lines or the vast ocean of your dream destination...
Imagine having the family you've always wished for and feeling completely fulfilled...

I was finally able to get my family Christmas pajama picture!  We have been to Fiji, Italy, Paris, the United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Belgium, Costa Rica, St. Thomas and many, many more places. We ski every year as a family and have a tradition of making hot chocolate and s'mores on Christmas Eve.

I feel so blessed to have figured out the one thing that was keeping me stuck in chronic singlehood and I want to share this euphoric feeling and experience with as many women as possible.

Will your 2020 be the same at 2019? Will you tolerate another year of the same old stuff?

Imagine being guided by a woman, who struggled just like you to find love but who did her own experiment to uncover the secrets to attracting a great guy without taking forever to do so, and now YOU are able to attract your soulmate with a proven scientific system that transforms you on the subconscious level so that you can have the love experience and life you dream of without wasting time or money.

Imagine your family Christmas PJ picture...

Look! I have always been a strong, independent woman but I'll tell you what... THIS life makes my heart sing! There is nothing like knowing you are walking this earth with your soulmate and enjoying the creation of memories with your family that will last more than a lifetime as it creates generational blessings!
End Loneliness and Heartbreak Forever....
Get The System That Will Transform your Love Life Into A Happily Ever After!!!
Join the Manifest Love Inner Circle Today and receive EVERYTHING you need to override your inner programing that causes you to attract the wrong guys or stay single.  Manifest Love Inner Circle Today is an exclusive 6 week training class in which I will walk with you hand in hand towards attracting true love!

This system will help to:
• Open your heart,
• Increase your feminine energy and become more desirable,
• Fix destructive dating patterns,
• Date in a lane where there is NO competition,
• Answer your pressing questions,
• Get the right men pursuing you,
• Heal broken hearts,
• Mend low self-esteem,
• Have children with your future husband, after losing hope - if you choose,
• Restore your love life and romantic relationship experience.

This Is What I Will Give You...
Cup of Healing
Let go of all the fear and cyclical patterns that hold you back from having the life and love experience you want.  Learn to resolve your past hurts, limiting beliefs, resentment and traumas…AND BE FREE TO LOVE WITH YOUR ENTIRE SOUL!

Discover Shay's secrets to magnetize your soulmate and how to use the Law of Attraction to attract not just your Perfect Life Partner but the life you've always dreamed of sharing with him!
Cup of Being
In this journey to becoming your best and most authentic self, Shay will help you uncover how your friends and the relationship you witnessed from your parent(s) have prevented you from attracting love and learn how to overcome those pitfalls. 

No more comparing yourself to them or others you see because becoming the REAL you will manifest your wildest dreams and attract the best of life's experiences.
Cup of Manifesting
This is your personal blueprint and all the rules you need to know when going on dates and how to get more of them!  You'll begin to recognize and avoid the type of men that are just no good and stop wasting your valuable time with them.

PLUS, learn the small changes you should make in your home and other environments to create a magnetism to attracting your soulmate, down to the color you wear.Your Shay-makeover will transform your emotional, physical, and spiritual health and includes getting your credit and finances in order to attract the love that won't bankrupt you.
Cup of Dating
This is about shattering your existing dating patterns that prevent you from having healthy relationships and filling your calendar with high-quality dates from high-quality men, knowing the secrets they want you to know but will never tell you. You will learn how to let go of your past experiences and lack thereof as well as master how to relate to men.  

You will change how people first perceive you and turn heads as you attract new and positive experiences in walks of your life. No matter your age, your size, your socioeconomic standing, your ethnicity, Shay's proven methods will have you wishing you'd learned about them long ago. 
Cup of Relationship
This is a powerful step-by-step training by Shay walking you through everything you need to know to become your true, authentic, and whole self. After learning how to date like a boss, you'll learn how to keep him interested and desiring only you for the rest of your life. 

This no-fail system is what Shay applied in her own love life that led to her marrying the man of her dreams... a formula that will kickstart your Love journey in the right way!
PLUS, You Get ME! 
For almost two decades I've worked as a top performing pharmaceutical representative who constantly talks to doctors and LOVES science!  I am a pre-med biology graduate and an international award winning Dating and Relationship Coach.  Not only am I the most trained expert in the dating game, I combine the science of human behavior and attraction to understand men to help women realize their power in manifesting love.  In fact, I am trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), RTT (Rapid Transformation Technique), and Hypnotherapy which means I am able to help you create lasting subconscious change that will lead you to a better quality love life.    
I will teach you why you do what you do and how some natural instincts sabotage your love life.  No important element of attracting love is left out of this teaching process. ​My approach of infusing science, dating rules, and the Law of Attraction help to magnify your results exponentially. 
And, on this page ONLY, you're going to receive some exclusive bonuses you can't get anywhere else...
Bonus #1: My most valuable asset!!!
Positive Mind Meditation
Remove the subconscious barriers that have kept you from attracting a soulmate and discover the stepping stones to attract a healthy, passionate, and loving relationship. Whether you're newbie to or a wise sage of meditation, this program will provide new insight into creating lasting subconscious change that will make your desired results amplified!

The people with whom your vibrations resonate strongly are the ones most likely to have full compatibility with you and Shay will teach you how to use the vibrations of your heart and mind like a magnet to bring them into your life. Shay's Positive Mind Meditations will effortlessly rewire your negative thought patterns and brain waves through meditation to heal your inner wounds, become receptive to love, and open yourself to the relationship and love you desire.

This audio will transform you to the core and give you the tools you need for the rest of your life!
Bonus #2: My Complete Self-Work Collection
Self-work and Journal Work Assignments
For the lasting change and success you want, work is involved. I'm giving you the tools you need that combined with your best effort and investment in yourself will catapult you to the next level!  

These aids will help you on your journey towards self realization, self actualization and gratitude.  
Bonus #3: My PRIVATE Facebook Page!
The D.I.V.As Manifesting Love Facebook Group
This exclusive private group is for those participating in the Manifesting Love Program. There are many dating groups out there but in this group you will only be interacting with high level members who are used to playing life at another level.  The members in this group are serious about receiving positive results in their love life and are willing to demonstrate this with a commitment of their time and investment into themselves.

This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects and to celebrate the wins!  You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your walk as a future wife to a great catch :-)
Bonus #4: 6 week access to MY live webinars!
Normally $97 a month, you will receive six full free weeks of live webinar training!  The information you will learn is invaluable and even if you miss a day or two or even a week because of your schedule, you will realize the powerful impact it has on your day-to-day journey towards love, healing, and self-acceptance.  

Most of Shay's clients take advantage of this opportunity and rave at how much it adds to their success!

Her energy is palpable and the work she does with you is life-changing, memorable, and worth every penny invested!  

In fact, you'll find yourself laughing out loud, crying with your many breakthroughs and inviting other single men and women to join you on this journey!

Super Cool Bonus #3
Bonus #5: Two FREE Tickets To My LIVE Event!
Manifest Love Masterclass LIVE EVENT in Atlanta, GA FEB 8TH 2020
You will receive 2 FREE Standard Ticket admissions to this exclusive masterclass event that will help you break through years of pain that holds you hostage. ($1997 value) Enjoy a high-quality lunch  ($89 value), interactive workshops, powerful meditation sessions, activities, live demonstrations and more. Through complete immersion, you will learn to master the art of attracting love and take home a Masterclass workbook ($189 value). 

 Before you leave, you will have learned how to attract love in this new dating era and made meaningful connections at the event.  
Super Cool Bonus #3


Your will NEVER see another offer like this!!!  
Invest in yourself!  You're worth it!!!
Take advantage of This
limited time offer!
We have a 30 Day Cancellation Policy... 
absolutely no locked-in contracts!    
-No hard feelings, no questions asked.    
-Just email with a 30 days notice 
and we will cancel your membership for you.
Are you ready for this exclusive opportunity???
Because I am ready to transform your life and happy pursuit of love!!!
Dear Beautiful D.I.V.A (Divine, Intelligent, Vivacious & Alluring), 

NOW is the time to join me for your personal healing, deep dive into raising your vibrations, meeting and getting to intimately know the real, AUTHENTIC YOU!

I am here to hold your hand through this exploration of you, exploration of men, and exploration of healthy, lasting relationships!  I will walk with you, side-by-side, in this journey.  You are NOT ALONE!  

I have uncovered the SECRET to MANIFESTING TRUE LOVE and my heart's desire is to provide those secrets to YOU!  I'm in this for the long run.  I invested in myself first and FOR YOU. I have invested additional time, money, sweat, tears, and even blood on this scientifically proven system because I want the love I have manifested to change the world.  I know when we all reach our full potential, the world will be a better place, the world will be a more loving place, filled with fulfillment and excitement.

I'm ready to change your life for the good, for the best of you and for THE WORLD!

-Shay Levister
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You get ME every step of the way and these additional benefits:

Total Value: $5,838
  • ​​Cup of Healing ($199 Value)
  • ​Cup of Being ($299 Value)
  • ​Cup of Manifesting ($399 Value)
  • ​Cup of Dating ($499 Value)
  • ​Cup of Relationship  ($599 Value)
  • ​Cup of Meditation ($399 Value)
  • Positive Mind Meditations© and journal assignments ($499 Value)
  • Access to the D.I.V.As Manifesting Love Facebook Group ($499 Value)
  • ​6 week direct access to THE "Love D.I.V.A" through Shay's LIVE group trainings ($147 Value)
  • ​2 FREE tickets to the Manifest Love Masterclass in Atlanta, GA ($2299 Value)
  •     ​Join this exclusive elite group of women serious about manifesting love!
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